Video Game Invention

About Indiana High School Esports

Indiana High School Esports hosts competitions that are community-focused events, open to participants of all Indiana high schools. We believe that esports should be well supported, not just sitting around and playing video games, and that’s why we have created our competition - it's more than just video games. Take a look at our site to find out more about ways to participate and start playing today!

Become an IHSEN School

Step 1. Download Charter and League General Rules Here:

Step 2. Fill out Charter to be an esports school with IHSEN. An adult must be the main contact for your program. Your principal must sign to be accepted as an official school. 

Step 3. Read through the General Rules. Sign and date the last page. (Only the last page is needed for acceptance)

Step 4. Submit your Charter and General Rules here:

Step 5. Request a meeting to be fully onboarded: