Investing in Students Futures

We have been founded to increase exposure of esports to Indiana students while maintaining a welcoming and well structured competitive environment. 

The IHSEN Advisory Council is made up of member schools educators who are passionate about supporting esports in Indiana schools. 

Passionate Educators


Schools can play in one title, or all the titles offered. Your commitment to esports in IHSEN is up to you. 

Commited to Responsible Play

Schools must have an adult sponsor and have a set schedule every season. This allows schools to know they will be playing matches instead of having forfeits.

Chad Moore

East Noble High School

Chad Moore

East Noble High School

We have a student that wants to be our manager for our team because he want to make connections, meet friends and hang out. Esports gave him a place to belong. Thanks to all of you out there investing in these kids, its gives them a place to belong.

Chad Moore

East Noble High School

Ryan Armes

Mississinewa High School

Esports has brought students to extra-curricular activities who wouldn't have otherwise been invested  in our school.

Chad Moore

East Noble High School

Dylan Gentilcore

Carmel High School

Indiana High School Esports Network allows my students to take part in activity together instead of being at home alone. This has allowed them to compete against some of the best teams in the state.


Indiana High School Esports Network

Bringing esports to Indiana schools while creating a positive community where students are number one.  

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