There is little doubt that competitive video games, or esports, have become quite popular in the United States. Esports are now on national TV, covered by ESPN, finding their way into major commercials, and being watched by millions of viewers both on TV and online. The industry is growing at an incredible rate. As popularity has grown nationally, esports clubs are sprouting up in high schools and middle schools across our great state

As esports club sponsors, we have seen the incredible positives that esports can bring to school campuses across the state and country. To assist new clubs in the State of Indiana, we have created Indiana High School Esports Network (IHSEN), which can be found at, a Discord server, and via social media (Twitter: @IndianaHSEN, Facebook:

We conceived IHSEN to assist new clubs in growth, to help them learn from the hurdles we’ve overcome, and to connect with other schools. To create the best possible experience for all students in Indiana, we feel it’s important to create a positive culture around high school gaming in our great state. IHSEN can assist with this by connecting teachers and administrators with each other to share ideas and grow our clubs.


One of the goals is to provide information to schools who wish to form esports programs with the information they need to get started, and to begin creating a framework for consistent rules and schedules for our students to compete.


If you are considering starting a gaming or esports club, we are here to help! We want to help you avoid mistakes we have made, and give you tips on what has gone well. If you sponsor a gaming or esports club at the high school or middle school level in Indiana, please contact us and join us in the IHSEN server so we can communicate and connect you with other sponsors.


It is in the best interest of our students, our parents, our schools, and us as sponsors to work together to connect our clubs, rather than paying an outside company to do it for us. Many schools and students cannot afford to buy the equipment and must pay a seasonal fee for competition on top of their technology costs.  Please join us in creating a great place for our students to compete, grow, and learn.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.