New school checklist

The objective of a gaming club/esports is not​ to create an excuse to play video games, but to increase the interaction of different groups of students. Your club will be one of the proponents of the organization and promotion of video games and esports to adolescents, and thus will therefore work to become a model for positive gaming interaction in our community. You will also build character in students, specifically by developing life skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication as well as giving a social community to increase interaction among students

Call a meeting of all involved parties.

      Discuss what needs to be done to establish true need and priority of the club making sure all involved parties have an estimated timeline for            implementation

Check with other districts.

      Are other districts in the area up and running with video games/esports. Do they have the data available to use so there is no duplication of            work?

Do research on

      Have a breakdown of each game. What is it about? Is there unacceptable parts of it? Know what the games are and if they are acceptable to            your school culture.

Fully research what needs to be installed and the files needed for installation.

      How are you going to install on computers? (Remote/on-site)

      Can students run the programs with their credentials?

      Can/should new users be created?

Research any other websites that will be needed.

      What are the main programs needed?

      Are those websites whitelisted?

      Have those websites been vetted?

      Are the .exe files harmful to the network?

      Will students be exposed to CIPA/COPPA violations?

      If students are exposed to outside influences can they be moderated?

      Is the group policy sufficient or will there need to be change?

Fully research other resources that will be needed.

      Do you have the time/funding to continue into the future?

      What is the long term commitment?

      What is the priority level for the club?

      Are you communicating true costs?

      What needs to be done for end-user support without on-site techs being needed?

      Can stakeholders be updated in a timely manner?

Frequently Asked Questions

I only have students interested in playing one game, can we still join the league?

Yes, you can join with as little as 3 students and field one Rocket League team, Super Smash Brothers Team or Hearthstone team.

We want to play additional games, how can we do that?

We will never say you cannot participate in another league. We would like to see you emphasize our state league over others.  We also highly recommend having regular “rec” time with your program to play additional titles and have fun. 

I have a lot of students that are interested?  How do I narrow it down?

Narrow it down by game, meet at different times for each game, then eventually form Varsity and JV teams for each game based on skill and rank. and then have open time for the non-competitors and hopefully the serious begin to separate themselves from the rec play. 

If many remain, create a 1v1 bracket tournament until your teams emerge.

Make sure to keep your 'rec-gamers" in mind by offering open time to play games without focusing on competition


Why were these games chosen?

There was careful thought and consideration put into these titles for our program.  These titles are some of the largest and most recognized esports in the world. They are also all rated teen and under meaning that they are suitable for all students 13 and up based on the ESRB rating for games.  They are also all widely played by area universities that offer scholarship money to high school students interested in competing at the next level. They are also all different style games that hit the big three categories that are played at the next level, MOBA, FPS and Sports.


Is there violence or weapons in these games?

All games were selected based on their popularity and being school appropriate. All of the games are rated E-Teen and are all fantasy based games. 

Our Athletics Department is interested in the set up and maintenance of esports is that ok? 

This is completely school dependent. All schools operate differently in how they structure clubs and activities. While we recommend starting as a club at first, we certainly welcome being running through the AD as it could present new and interesting opportunities. 

Will this interfere with other sports?

All matches are scheduled in advance so participants know who they are playing for the entire season. While we try to keep in mind things like breaks and other sports, we also need to schedule for our matches. Since the schedule is known ahead of time you can also reach out to the other school you are playing that week to see if you can reschedule. 


Can middle school students participate?

Any student 13 years and older are eligible to participate. They must be at least 13 years of age to meet COPPA/CIPA requirements to create online accounts to participate in the games. 


Can students compete in more than one game?

Yes! However, students need to be aware of the effect this will have on their schedule. 

Still have questions?