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The Answers You Need

Who is IHSEN for? 

IHSEN is currently for any Indiana high school. Students must be currently registered to the high school they are playing for. 

When is the last day I can register?

Schools can register to be a part of IHSEN at any time. Schools can only participate in seasons if they are already registered and submit rosters at the beginning of the season.

Rosters are due on February 24th for the Spring 2021 Competition

What games do you play? 

You can see our current game offering in the Spring 2021 tab. 

We also offer a variety of games through our Community Opens. 

How much does it cost to be in IHSEN?



Yes. We believe in providing an experience for students that puts competition and play over profit. However we will accept any monetary support you would like to provide on our Patreon. 

Can we play "xxxxxxx" title? 

Yes, however, we need to know if it is feasible, has enough popularity, can be done equitably for all students, etc. 

We are a college, how can we help? 

Reach out to and he will talk to you about what can be done to work together.